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Dalriada: The Dawn of a King

As Scotland struggles to emerge in 824 A.D., the people of Dalriada are attempting to endure within a dangerous land where only the most courageous deeds assure survival. While Dalriadans battle for freedom, adversaries advance on every side. Lands to the south and east bring both Briton and Pict while the seas to the north bring the villainous Vikings. The call to the Dalriadans is clear—either fight or die.

Alpin and his sons, Coric and Kenneth, are champions of the calling. But these clansmen need more than swords to save their people. They need the heart of a king. As the men struggle to survive the cunning Picts and savage Vikings, treachery imperils the land and prompts Kenneth to set out on a quest to unite his people. But can he carry out his task without forsaking his betrothed, Arabella? Now as the future hangs in the balance, Kenneth and the others must rise up to secure their precious freedom before their savage enemies rob them of life, love, and their destiny.

In this rousing historical tale, a Dalriadan clansman and his sons answer a calling that asks them to sacrifice everything in order to ensure the future of their beloved land and family.

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Dalriada: Edge of the Blade

It is 831 AD, and Viking conquest has brought destruction and gloom to the village of Renton, creating tragedy and heartbreak to the clans of Dalriada. Still, Alpin and his sons, Coric and Kenneth, refuse to submit to the blade of their adversaries, bowing to neither Viking nor Pict. Now destiny’s hand is moving them to take hold of all that is sacred: peace, honor, and freedom.

As their enemies work to stop them at all cost, Alpin and his sons press forward in courage. After freeing his siblings from the merciless Vikings, Kenneth finds himself amid a tumultuous test that transforms his heart, character, and soul. Meanwhile, Coric’s pursuit to rid the land of the evil savages carries him on a perilous path into the dark den of his enemy. Arabella and Ceana refuse to stand idle, knowing the lives of their beloved men teeter on life’s razor-sharp edge. As few bravely stand against many, Halfdan and his Vikings toil to complete their conquest of terror, while Oengus and his villainous Picts attempt to fulfill their treacherous plot for dominion. Who will win the battle for freedom?

Dalriada: Edge of the Blade continues the treacherous, romantic, and twisting tale of Alpin, his clansmen, and their furious fight for survival as they embark on a predestined quest for a king.


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Dalriada: Destiny’s Stone

In rising above their enemies, Alpin and the clans of Dalriada secured their sacred freedom from tyranny. Yet, how long can such a priceless treasure be safeguarded while enemies still loom – from without and within! Destiny’s Stone unfolds the climactic conclusion of the epic tale of Dalriada. Enjoy the final book in C. H. Connor’s heart-wrenching trilogy of the Scots and their passion for family, peace, and freedom in their beloved land of Dalriada.

Dalriada: Destiny’s Stone continues the twisting, tumultuous saga of Alpin and his courageous sons and their battle for freedom, giving birth to Scotland and the nation’s first king. Read the climatic conclusion of this legendary tale in the third and final release of the Dalriada trilogy.


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